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    Indian Elephant Cubs Trained to Patrol Forests


    by NTDTelevision

    Wildlife authorities at a sanctuary in eastern India are providing special training for elephants they’ve rescued.

    Lost wild elephants rescued by forest officials are brought back to the rehabilitation center at the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary.

    The elephant cubs are trained for patrolling purposes.

    [Buddhadeb Mondal, Forest Ranger]:
    "Some experienced Mahouts [elephant riders] are giving training to these cubs so that we can use these cubs when they grow up for patrolling purposes."

    The sanctuary has been rescuing and training the elephants for a long time.

    [Ravi Biswasarma, Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary]:
    "These elephant cubs are fed by us and when they grow up they will patrol the forest."

    According to forest sources, the rehabilitation center has 17 captive elephants.

    A national census in 2005 showed there were between 25 to 28 thousand elephants in India, including only 1,500 male tuskers of breeding age.