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    Domsez - BBC vs Facebook (30.01.08)


    by DomSezXL

    All together now...

    A new B-B-C site to rival Facebook
    But-it's-attracting all kinds of strange looks
    I'll explain why it sounds completely dodgy
    Attracting men-over-50 who are rather podgy

    The B-B-C think the move is bold
    Social networking for 6-12-year-olds
    This idea is incredibly stupid

    The B-B-C is attracting paedos
    Webchats, forums and selling DVDs
    Doing-it-all in the name of freedom
    More grist to the mill of their expanding kingdom

    Kids don't *need* the internet
    They don't need a social life just yet
    During the week, they should be hitting the books
    Not using MySpace, Bebo or bloody Facebook

    If they do, it's so ea-sy,
    To bypass security and join for free
    Just put your age down as 103
    And don't fucking waste my licence fee!

    This whole idea is such a joke
    Who'd want to a give a child a poke
    The childrens' parents you are dissing
    Mark Thompson, your brain is clearly missing