Let Go of Me! You're Not My Daddy! by Joae Brooks


by Xlibris

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Every parent’s nightmare is to lose one’s child in a crowd of strangers. When children wander away or are persuaded to go with someone they do not know, serious consequences can result as well as creating intense anxiety and regret in their mind. A cautionary and educational tale for children is set to begin as Xlibris releases Let Go of Me! You’re Not My Daddy!, the inspiring new picture book written by author Joae Brooks. Let Go Of Me! You’re Not My Daddy! tells the story of a young girl who wanders away from her mother in a mall and finds herself being pulled along by the hand by a man she doesn’t know. Instead of going quietly, Molly yells “Let Go Of Me! You’re Not My Daddy!” at the top of her lungs. She pulls back as much as she can, kicks him in the leg, and even bites his hand. She keeps shouting for him to let go, that he isn’t her daddy and because she doesn’t give up people notice there is something wrong and walk toward her to help. The story has a happy ending and Molly learns a huge lesson that she will not forget. This story and its colorful illustrations will teach young girls or boys what to do in a similar situation. Joae Brooks’ Let Go Of Me! You’re Not My Daddy! is now available at Amazon.com, Borders, and Xlibris. If you are fond of taking your children to the mall or other crowded places, then get a copy of this book and read it with them. The lessons they’ll learn will be something you’ll be grateful for the rest of your life! For more information, log on to www.Xlibris.com. Distributed by Tubemogul.