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    Paris Airport Installs Body Scanner


    by NTDTelevision

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    Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris has installed France’s first security scanner. The technology allows airport staff to see through passenger clothing, without resorting to a strip search.

    These passengers are being 'undressed'.

    A new body scanner uses recent technology that 'sees' beneath passengers' clothing. These new security checks at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport are the first to be introduced in France.

    The new scans will be available for passengers bound for the United States, although the new technology is at an experimental stage, and travelers can still opt for a traditional body search.

    [Gilles Arnaud, French Passenger]:
    "If it serves safety, there is no problem: I only hope that I was good looking on the pictures."

    The images might be revealing, but only one person sees them; an operator of the same sex in a closed room.

    Still, one passenger said she was concerned about people seeing the picture.

    [Agnes, French Passenger]:
    "It depends. If everyone can see the picture of me, I would rather the physical search."

    The technology uses millimetric waves which do not go through the body, unlike X-rays, and the head of the French Civil Aviation Authority says the scans are safe.

    [Patrick Gandil, French Civil Aviation Authority]:
    "Millimetric waves reflect on the skin, there is no penetration in the human body, that is why there is no danger with it, however, it will reflect on objects hidden under the clothes."

    The new scanners take just five seconds to complete their scan, in which time any objects hidden under clothing should be detected.