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    Flood Victim Search Underway in Portugal


    by NTDTelevision

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    Portuguese rescue workers are trying to find both bodies and survivors, after the nation experienced devastating floods. The deadly disaster caused mudslides on the island of Madeira.

    Portuguese rescue workers bring in dogs to search for bodies and possible survivors of a deadly flood in the resort island of Madeira.

    [Soldier]: (English, Male)
    "They are searching with the dogs to think by the smell if there are people around there, in the stream. It used to be a stream, that's it."

    Rushing water blasted through the island on Saturday overturning cars, sending hillsides sliding and burying homes under tons of mud. This on a day when more rain fell than the average for the month.

    The death toll now stands at 42...but officials warn that number could climb as the clean up continues.

    About 120 people were injured, four are known missing and some villages are still unreachable due to blocked roads.

    The government has declared three days of mourning and asked for funds from the European Union to help rebuild the island, a tourist destination for thousands of northern Europeans.

    Meanwhile, intermittent rain fell on Monday, as officials continue to watch weather forecasts closely. No heavy rain is expected in Madeira in the coming days.