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    Learn Chinese-learn with Chinese Big Cats video

    Ernie Klaren

    by Ernie Klaren

    Learn Chinese with! Today, your daughter is going on a field trip to the zoo in China. When she left this morning, she was so excited! She has been to zoos back home, but you haven't had the time since you moved to China. You can't wait to hear how things went! However, as she walks through the door, you instantly know something is wrong. Attempting to comfort her, you ask why she's so sad. She bursts into tears and replies, "The kids at school called me a baby because I don't know the words for tigers and lions in Chinese! If you learned a lot with this video, stop by our Chinese language learning website and get other language learning content including other great videos like this one, audio podcasts, review materials, blogs, iPhone applications, and more. Join the friendly community of learners at, and start mastering Chinese today!