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    Domsez - Football hooligans, Gary Lineker & Easter


    by DomSezXL

    Uploaded on July 21st 2008, far later than I meant to do it, and after I recorded it, it turned out that the Ben Affleck film was meant to come out last summer (so think of it in those terms) rather than being delayed beyond its 2008 release date.

    Another rant in 7 parts...

    Comments on the following and the music featured:

    22. Football hooligans
    - Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot

    23. Mars landing
    - Quote from "Total Recall"

    24. Ben Affleck's film
    - Hall & Oates - She's Gone

    25. Gary Lineker
    - New Order - World in Motion

    26. Easter
    - "Little April Showers" from Bambi

    27. Gordon Ramsay
    - TV quote of him being angry

    28. Britain's Got Talent
    - the music from the bloke in question