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    Classical Indian Dancer Sees Shen Yun at Radio City


    by NTDTelevision

    [Vaishali Chaudhuri, Classical Indian Dancer]:
    “The best thing is the spiritual, the underlying spiritual nature of both the choreography and the songs. It’s beautiful, I am enjoying it.”

    The female dancers made a strong impression on her.

    [Vaishali Chaudhuri, Classical Indian Dancer]:
    “Well, they’re beautiful exquisitely beautiful. And their makeup, their dress, the whole get up, they’re very graceful. It’s beautiful experience.”

    She was impressed by the performance “Wu Song Battles the Tiger.”

    [Vaishali Chaudhuri, Classical Indian Dancer]:
    “Yes, I loved the warrior who killed the tiger. He was really good. I liked that the best. And the male dancers are very good, too. They are fantastic.”

    Chinese classical dance has a history of thousands of years. Shen Yun Performing Arts uses this art form to present the ancient legends of China, the dance of different ethnic groups, and contemporary stories of persecution in mainland China.

    [Vaishali Chaudhuri, Classical Indian Dancer]:
    “This is the first time I am seeing Chinese classical dance so I don’t have much idea about the dance basically. But whatever they’re doing on stage is like poetry in motion.”