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    An Evening at La Mata Playa in June

    Ian Dundas-Collins

    por Ian Dundas-Collins

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    La Mata Playa on a typical evening in June. La Mata, also known as LaMata and TorreLaMata, is one of the fastest expanding towns in the whole of Spain, but if you're coming to La Mata, try to sample the delights of everything that La Mata has.
    La Mata has learned a few lessons from places like Benidorm, because in La Mata, you'll find no high-rise skyscrapers or package holiday hotels and also because La Mata is orientated towards families and couples, you'll find no night time trouble with lager louts etc.
    La Mata is surrounded by a large and beautiful natural salt water lake which form the "Salinas de La Mata" and is an official Spanish Nature Reserve. These lakes attract a wide variety of bird life.
    La Mata is a developing Tourist Centre and one of the most important on the Mediterranean Coast.