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    Develop the Cadence of Your Voice: Video Secret # 6


    by benkwardlaw

    Mark Hoverson tells us to, “Develop the cadence of your voice. You want speed without a hurried feeling. You almost want your words to flow like a fine song; clear, varied, and a sweet message.” Developing the cadence of your voice will come with practice. Follow Mark’s advice in Video Marketing Secret # 7 and GET BUSY making videos! You should make it a habit to shoot new videos every week that promote your products and services and provide valuable information for your prospects and your customers. The cadence of your voice will improve with each new video. Please post your comments so our community will benefit from your experience, insights, and expertise. To your amazing success in 2010! Ben Wardlaw Sales and Marketing Professional Hilton Head Island, SC USA (843) 341-5066 SKYPE: benkwardlaw Psalm 150:6