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    Colombian Authorities Seize Drug Camp


    by NTDTelevision

    On Tuesday, the Colombian navy discovered an illegal factory used by drug traffickers to produce semi-submersibles, presumably to transport cocaine and other drugs. The camp was found in the jungles of western Colombia.

    [General Justo Eliceo Pena, Commander of the Pacific Joint Command]:
    "Colombian navy troops and members of the pacific joint command, used intelligence, initiative and clever-thinking to locate a semi-submersible here, in the mangroves. The semi-submersible is capable of carrying seven to eight tons of cocaine."

    Inside the factory, authorities found a semi-submersible capable of transporting up to 8 tons of cocaine or the equivalent of $240 million dollars worth if the load were to reach the United States.

    The camp was also equipped to house and provide provisions for approximately 20 people.

    Colombian authorities later destroyed the camp, marking a major victory for Colombian authorities against drug traffickers.

    The illegal camp was the largest drug trafficking shipyard discovered in Colombia to date