Keith Olbermann and MSNBC=racist, Bill Maher=stupid

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The Stench of Truth (290).mp4 No profanity alert! I really hate so-called progressives who supposedly speak for the "people" but who are rich elitists who disdain the people and speak down to them. I will not apologize for the Tea Party movement but Olbermann better look into a mirror before he even tries to talk about racism and he should really just keep his mouth shut or decide to make some small sense. According to Olbermann's own "logic" he and MSNBC are inherently racist and why doesn't he talk about that? Bill Maher on Larry King says that American's are too stupid to understand the issues. Here is a guy who can't stand free speech and is as condescending as anyone can be attempting to "explain" the issues that we are too fat and stupid to understand. A word of advice to both of them, look in the mirror and try some intelligence before you open your mouths again.

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Nice queering. The Tea-Party as a whole IS crazy racist, an white, an hate the fact that Obama is black, you are fooling yourself if you think otherwise. Now go back to masturbating to your George Bush shrine whilst watching Glenn Beck.(Who are both racist AND homophobic.) And your audacity calling anyone else a blithering idiot... oh the irony. Don't be a hater on enlightened people, it makes you look like a buttplug.
By Porkmonkey 4 years ago