I'm In Love-The Halfway House Orchestra

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by Lou

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'm In Love-The Halfway House Orchestra on CoV 681-D,under direction of Albert Brunies.New Orleans,La April 13-1926


Lou, I think you'll find most of your 'English' curling guys are Scotsmen - it's played on icey lakes up there in Corrie country. Never heard of it in England but someone will probably put me straight. I haven't watched it but don't like the sound of those Canadian women with smelly breath and frozen fingers.
By fatsfan71 5 years ago
Blakie,the English excelled at curling.(They probably were recruiting Irishmen).Hell!,the Canadian women were drinking beer and smoking cigars right on the ice.
By Lou 5 years ago
This one really jumps. I watched some of the Olympics. Mainly skiing and hockey. That Curling would be OK if you could down a beer or two between rounds.
By Boston Blackie 5 years ago
If I had to dance to that,they'd have to call an ambulance.Michael,I was watching the Olympics and the English are pretty good at "Curling".
By Lou 5 years ago
Just great - it has that authentic New Orleans sound without a vocal. And what a catchy tune they play.
By fatsfan71 5 years ago
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