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    Freedom to film


    by WORLDwrite



    hii ! .thats so nice, like it.
    By ereya7ez5 years ago
    Ceri Dingle
    Excellent report and sadly the problem of the jobsworths is not going away
    By Ceri Dingle6 years ago
    Freedom to Film looks at how society’s overreaction to terrorism and paedophilia routinely leads to WorldWrite volunteers being stopped from filming in public spaces, when in fact it’s perfectly legal unless the film crew is doing something like causing a disturbance. There is also no need to present proof of your intentions. The public is also usually onboard with this, you can tell this from the supportive views that local residents and other members of the public (including fellow photographers) give the volunteers. One other good point brought up in the programme is that the government takes it upon itself to stop people from filming in public spaces, while also taking it upon itself to film them several hundred times a day via CCTV.
    By WORLDwrite6 years ago
    This is a MUST WATCH for anyone who has faced any restriction in filming in public spaces. It concerns all film makers or potential film makers on their freedom of speech and freedom in filming. Are we really living in a free country? Can anyone comment further on the law of filming restriction? I myself have been stopped by officials whilst filming, and it felt like my human rights had been taken away! First this, now maybe we won't be able to take pictures on our phones anymore. Has anyone else faced similar challenges?????
    By belrose12346 years ago