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    22 views | Painting Contractor Austin TX Painting Contractor Austin TX | Home remodeling got you down? Then consider hiring some painting contractors in Austin, TX to help you out. Southern Painting is a local firm in Austin, TX and can give you a free estimate for your prospective job! Simply call (866) 930-0934 and schedule an appointment today. Painting can seem at first like a simple task, but truly it requires precision, an eye for detail and a lot of hard work. By hiring a painting contractor, you'll not only be able to rest assured that your job will get done correctly, but you can also rest your arms and back and take some time to enjoy other activities. Southern Painting Austin are painting contractors that take pride in their work and strive to achieve the highest quality standards with every job. As professionals, they will ensure the job is done right so you can rest easy. Southern Painting was established in 1989 giving their firm over 20 years of industry experience. This allows them to truly appreciate every aspect of their job so they can make sure nothing is overlooked. They'll pick the right type of paint, you pick the color and they job gets done. It's really that easy. If you were procrastinating on changing the paint color of your living room, then wait no more. Paint color can effect a person's mood, protect the walls and even increase home values. Southern Painting can help you achieve all this and more with their professional painting service. Southern Painting serves the greater Austin, TX metropolitan area including zip codes: 77001, 77020, 77040, 77060, 77080, 77201, 77230, 77290, 77277 and 77223. If you are not sure if they service your area, call (866) 930-0934 and they can assist you. If you'd like more information and to read customer testimonials, you can access their website at Southern Painting was established to give every person the opportunity to have the quality of work done that they deserve ...