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    How to Copy XBOX 360 Games After Downloading. NO mod chips!!


    by chevyutube

    Here's a website where you can download games, copy them to disc and play them. Instead of learning how to copy xbox 360 games directly from another disc, this site will let you download any game you want from the internet and play it on your system. The website has video tutorials to show you exactly what you need to do to play copied games on your system with NO MOD CHIPS. You don't need to modify your hardware at all. This site has pretty much every XBOX 360 game there is, too. It shows you how to xbox 360 game files from your harddrive and copy them to dvd discs, then play them on your XBOX. You need to learn to flash your drive (its the only way to do it) and then copy their custom firmware to your XBOX 360. Games can then be played. You can also learn to stealth patch your games at this site so you can play online games like Call of Duty 5 and Halo3 without having your XBOX 360 banned from XBOX Live. I have a vested interest in this service btw.