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    6teen - Bye Bye Nikki Part 3 of Part 2


    by Jude_Lizowski

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    This proves it...You can't take your family, your friends, and your life for granted. The song truely fits this show ^^ You have to make the good times last, you don't want to have regrets later on. Farewell 6teen and thank you
    By TimberTHusky6 years ago
    To Jonesy: Keep being a ladies man, my friend, because no one will ever be ego-tistic as you are.
    To Caitlin: Good luck boy-searching because someday you will eventually meet "The One"and there is more to life than "shopping and chocolate"(episode 1 season 1)
    To Jude: Man, I love how chilled out you are, from the good times to bad ,you always seemed to remain "mellow''. Good luck with school.
    To Jen: I hope you accomplish your snowboarding career and try not to get too stressed with the Garcia brother's because Emma might look up to you as a role model.
    To Wyatt: I personally dont like coffee to much but seeing how much you enjoyed it I tried it and enjoyed it. You will grow up to be a famous guitarist/singer and remember to take chances once in a while, but not too much.

    To Nikki: I will always miss your harsh criticism and hope that your relationship with Jonesy will work out.
    Goodbye 6teen.=T
    By 6teenFanatic106 years ago
    wow this was sooooooo sad!!!!!!! i cried so hard and i hardly ever cry! im so glad nikki and jonsey didnt breakup. wut a great ending 2 a great show! :)
    By orange4ever6 years ago
    Lottoya Marrast
    This totally made me cry. :') Miss you Nikki. Miss you 6teen! Salute!
    By Lottoya Marrast6 years ago
    I wish it never ended!
    By NickJonasLover4ever6 years ago
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