Pakistan: when violence becomes ordinary

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Tres bien ..! ;) ...
Par sweetygirl44 Il y a 5 ans
amazing song man. chat with me! ??
Par lovelygirl20111 Il y a 5 ans
Tout cela a été orchestré par les illuminatis à l'aide de leurs valets Saoud!
Par NiOligarchiesNiFauxDieux Il y a 5 ans
I am AFGHAN and we remembers days living in Pakistan, it was our best days of live.
the thing we have to understand about this terrorist tat, it is the play of our stupid politicians, who are sold to USA, they are playing games with the lives of Afghans and Pakistanis, we are all brothers and Muslims.
so no body is to be blamed niether pak nor afghan.
i still love pakistani people alot but not it is gov. cause they are all bloody busterds.
Par ahmad Il y a 5 ans
These fuckin bastard talibans are even more evil then the considered enemy of pakistan to the south ie Indians......compared to the talibans and qaeda they are saints........police target my foot they are killin innocent civilians.......lets support usa in eradicatin such evil pathetic morons of nature ie alqaeda osame taliban and mullah bastard umar.....a moderate voice of pakistan.....
Par djshazzy Il y a 5 ans
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