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    Brilliant multi-function Moving Head
    ¨ Color-wheel with 5 different, dichroic color filters and white and additionally with CTO and CTB correction-filters and UV-filter
    ¨ Switchable color change (mode 1: only full colors, mode 2: color-change at every position)
    ¨ Rainbow effect with adjustable speed in both directions
    ¨ Gobo-wheel with 7 static metal gobos plus open
    ¨ Gobo-wheel with 7 rotating gobos plus open
    ¨ Slot-in gobo-system for exchanging gobos without tools
    ¨ With gobo-shake function
    ¨ Rotating 3-facet prism
    ¨ Macro-function for rotating gobos/rotating prism combinations
    ¨ Steplessly adjustable iris
    ¨ Motorized focus
    ¨ Blue LCD-display
    ¨ Strobe effect with 1-13 flashes per second
    ¨ Random strobe effect
    ¨ Stepless frost-filter for fading the projections in or out
    ¨ Mechanic dimmer
    ¨ Exact positioning via 16 bit Pan/Tilt movement resolution