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    2010-02-17 yourdailyjingle presents: Warnock Art

    Brian King

    by Brian King

    What is art? That is what Jayson Warnock explores at His passion is the human figure, which he sculpts, paints, airbrushes, and creates digitally. Jayson Warnock has been a working artist for over 25 years. He moved to moved to Las Vegas in 1993 after graduating from the Center for Creative Studies College of Art and Design in Detroit. You can see his work all across the country, including various projects in Las Vegas casinos, billboards, and other outdoor advertising. So enter, if you dare (some of the paintings are of nudes, just so you know)! Lyrics Warnock Art The audience is watching and they're smarter than you think They know if your work is gold or if it really stinks So I dare you all to check out And tell the artist if you think his work is the bomb If want to spread the word with some advertising posters Then listen up, come on and scoot a little closer But ads are just a small part of what this artist does He sculpts and paints and writes music, cuz it’s what he loves!