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    How I become Internet Marketer.wmv


    by Tjkiewhuo

    6 views Here's a video sharing my journey of being an internet marketer. If you also have a desire and dream to become a full time internet marketer, I hope my story help you realize that achieving your goals is POSSIBLE with some hard work, dedication, and perseverance. My name is BJ Min and the author of "Dictator Method" - the very 1st step-by-step blueprint on how to make money in micro niches. The #1 reason most people struggle and fail in internet marketing is that they go into oversized and overly competetitve niches. Instead of going into oversized niches, you need to go into MICRO NICHES. Micro niches are small and unique niches where you can QUICKLY stand out and become the #1 guru in that niche. Become An Internet Marketing Expert with Money-Builders Online Marketing as a Job Online marketers play their trade by making use of tools and techniques on the internet to market products and services. Their job is to come up on the heap of other marketers vying for attention on the internet. If they are able to reach the consumer and or close a sale, they are deemed successful in marketing sense.