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    Free ”Do It Yourself” Tax Resources


    by CSG

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    Why spend $200 or more to pay someone else to do your taxes for you? More than ever before, taxpayers now have easy, do-it-yourself tax preparation options that can save them hundreds of dollars while helping them get their refund back fast.

    A recent survey conducted by TurboTax found that 82% of people who file taxes in February receive a refund. And that refund averages about $2,700 according to the IRS. What taxpayers need to know, especially in a tight economy when every penny counts, is that they can easily do their own taxes – in many cases for free. And that means they keep their refund in their pocket where it belongs instead of paying someone else to prepare their return.

    To slash your tax preparation costs this year and to help you maximze your refund, Rich Preece, will provide information on free “do it yourself” tax filing resources including:
    • What you need to know about doing your taxes yourself with tax preparation software
    • What free tax preparation options are available to taxpayers
    • How to make the most of your tax refund once you get it

    Information from the tour – such as a list of free resources, e-filing tips and tax tips – can be made available to place on your station’s Web site to provide your viewers with information on free tax preparation options.