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Jawa Video The Confession of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad - A to Z

8 years ago247 views

Courtesy of The Jawa Report.
"On March 10, 2007, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad stood before a U.S. military Combatant Status Review Tribunal to determine if he met the criteria to be classified as an “enemy combatant.” The public record of the hearing consists of a 26-page transcript (redacted pdf) and a 54:12-minute recording (redacted mpg).
If you listen to the tape or watch the video (above), it’s clear that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed understood the difference between information he surrendered while under duress and information he volunteered while not under duress, stating four times that he felt no force or coercion to offer his confession."

KSM is worse than a criminal. He is a terrorist, a jihadist, and should not be mirandized and/or treated like an American citizen. Regardless of how the how the present administration chooses to describe KSM and men like him, he is an enemy combatant. No need to play with words.