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    Crop Circles Message For Human Race Decoded


    by ufoblogger

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    Give me a frickin' break. Yes, no HUMAN would be capable of creating crop circles.
    By Aspears205 years ago
    to Siaarn, I typically would agree but given that it is wheat fields, I feel that the people near there wouldn't really be able of making complex binary messages in their crops.
    By aqren5 years ago
    ...Wait, people still believe crop circles were made by aliens? Wh.. What is wrong with you? I believe in aliens, big time, but it's been proven AGAIN AND AGAIN that people make these things, it is NOT hard to push down crops in a pattern, even I could do this, they've obviously made the picture on a computer then copied it painstakingly into the crops, and.. just.. ugh. People like you are always saying be open minded, well, now it's your turn, open minded means being open to all possibilities, not believing in something blindly.
    By Siaarn5 years ago
    Enough with 3 adds and half my video taken up with it for a 6 minute video
    By haloeight86 years ago
    I thought this was one of the best crop circle videos that I have ever seen. Alas I always find myself contemplating why wheat fields? Why out in the middle of nowhere? Why not give solid evidence that is indisputable?
    By Centerman2k6 years ago
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