Nat Shilkret Orchestra - You Can't Stop Me From Loving You


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Nat Shilkret played with the top orchestras in New York, including the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. In 1924, he joined Victor as director of the company's light music division, and subsequently founded the Victor Salon Orchestra, sometimes called the Victor Orchestra, and he also led bands with names such as the International Novelty Orchestra, Shilkret's Rhyth-Melodists and the Shilking Orchestra - combining his and Eddie King's, a Victor executive, names. Through his recordings, he became one of the top pop bandleaders of the late '20s and early '30s. Gradually moved into radio and the film industry as a composer - usually credited as Nathaniel Shilkret. Vocalist Welcome Lewis was a popular radio singer of the early 1930s who recorded six solo sides for Victor and sang with Leonard Joy's High Hatters and Nat Shilkret's Orchestra. This excellent recording was made in 1931.

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Thanks a lot nzauckland! I do work hard on my sound restorations indeed, in order to make the music shine even more brightly :-)
Par kspm0220s Il y a 2 ans
Delightful - all cleaned up!
Par nzauckland Il y a 2 ans
No problem at all Michael, this is a music channel and you are perfectly in tune :-)
Par kspm0220s Il y a 5 ans
Sorry, got his YT name wrong, it's correctly bsgs98 and Bing is delightful on this well worth a listen.
Par fatsfan71 Il y a 5 ans
Patrick, I' sorry to go so far off topic, but there it is - Blakie and me are like two old birds over a garden fence! I can't think of a bigger style difference than between Bing's relaxed version of "Sunshine" (posted by bsgb98 on YT) and Whispering Jack Smith's cut-glass English accent. I think I prefer the Ambrose's orchestra to Whiteman's though.
Par fatsfan71 Il y a 5 ans
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