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    Nato Bombed My Family


    by Renderyard

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    you have to be insane not to like this btw anyone wannt to chat?? :-)
    By lovellybaby5 years ago
    Branko Milićević
    When you talk about the history you start in 1945. Shit, my dear, began in 1918. when the Serbs freed all those republics from Austria and made a Kingdom with them. In 1934. the Croat separatist Supported by Mussolini (the Ustashe) killed the King Aleksandar of Yugoslavia (a Serb off course). Then Hitler and Mussolini invaded Yugoslavia and out of Bosnia and Herzegovina together with Croatia and parts of Serbia they made The NDH or in English ISC (Independent State of Croatia).

    This was a Nazi puppet state that prosecuted Serbs (they also did so with Jews and Gypsy's) The Croats declared all Serbs enemy's of the state and introduced the Three Point's Plan. The three points were: The third of the Serbs are to be expelled to Serbia. The third to be killed. The last third are to be KILLED. Croats also declared Bosnian Muslims to be the "Croatian Flowers" and the Muslims also participated in crimes. Just Google Srbosjek, NDH, Jasenovac, Ustasha.
    By Branko Milićević6 years ago
    Film was nicely done but was biased, and did not reflect the truth about who truly were the victims. Serbs can't be a victim of Nato bombs if they did not stand up to their elected leaders and demand the bombing of Croatia, Slovenia,Bosnia and Kosovo stop. Serbs did nothing to stop their leaders from behaving like madmen and therefore the Serbian people are accomplices to murder and rape.

    People in Kosovo , Croatia, and Bosnia are still suffering from Serbia's actions even today 10-15 years later.

    Being afraid at night because of loud noise from bombing by NATO does not make you a victim.

    Getting Raped , tortured or Killed is what real victims suffered at the hands of the Serbians.

    Then after you see what has happened to the thousands of Albanian women which were raped,tortured many killed by your beloved Serbian sons, then you can decide who the real victims are.
    By VictimOfSerbViolence6 years ago
    Thanks for posting this vid to remind Americans what an exercise in hypocrisy this Clinton/NATO bombing of the Serbs was - and how the human misery it wrougt transcended that which even Malosovich was accused of.
    By boringboris6 years ago
    Not too deep. No mention at all that Kosovo had become a focus of international jihad by foreign fighters (the only countries here with 'maybe' sins were Serbia & NATO powers, quaint).
    By Alexey6 years ago
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