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    Vampire Predator Pondering


    by frankpatton

    Humans have no predators,
    Except maybe them selves.
    Predators maintain sustainability,
    Something like bad news elves

    Yet another predator ponder fact.

    Climate Change might be the answer
    But didn’t we instigate that?
    Just another example
    Of humans working that very dead rat.

    Another predator pondering fact.

    China governs a little differently,
    Communism is the way to score.
    To defeat Communism
    Didn’t we fight a very long cold war?

    So ponder that

    Of course China or Vietnam.
    Were just an oversight exception
    So will it be Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand,
    Or Commie China’s iron fist reception?

    Another point to ponder

    China seems to be a really good predator,
    Tibet yet another example of its skill.
    I won’t live to find out the answer,
    But maybe if your lucky you will?

    Now that’s a very fine point to ponder