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    Quake Victims Protest at Haitian Airport


    by NTDTelevision

    In the Haitian capital today, hundreds of quake victims protested at Port-au-Prince's international airport. They say they need relief suppies and that they're not getting them fast enough.

    A heavy rainfall prompted close to two hundred Haitians to demonstrate at the country’s international airport on Thursday. The drenched and frustrated quake victims insisted that they were not getting enough supplies and that aid groups should do more.

    [Unidentified Quake Victim]: (Creole, gender unknown) (no title bar)
    "A whole month after the earthquake we are still in the streets. The rains are coming and we are demanding a place to live. I came here with the Haitian people to take some of the aid given to the country. I wish I could get something."

    Many protesters blocked cars and trucks in front of the airport.

    [Unidentified Quake Victim]: (Creole, gender unknown) (no title bar)
    "We went to ask the Haitian police to give us the aid they received. We demanded that the police and the government give us the aid because we have nothing. I don't understand why the government is not helping us. We are all victims of this disaster."

    The demonstration escalated quickly, but no violence broke out. Haitian police and American forces dispersed the crowd before the situation got worse.