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    "Banned" Mormon Cartoon: An Exposé of Anti-Mormon Tactics


    by DefendingMormonism

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    ooh > it is Very good ;)
    By jenniferayt5 years ago
    if you don't worship joseph smith then why do members including many missionaries wear joseph smith rings?
    you guys will wear a ring with joseph smith's signature but wont even wear a cross or any symbol of Christ himself for that manner.
    you try to argue that some of the church leader's spoke of opinions not doctrine. so then which is it?
    your church leaders are supposed to be gifted with modern day revelation from God.
    So, is it just opinion or modern day revelation?
    you certainly cant trust someone who gives faulty opinions about Christ's married life to give you accurate revelations from God himself!
    If you only take half of what your prophet says then you are taking half-truths contradiction!
    By aprilmesha5 years ago