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    The God "Delusion"


    by DefendingMormonism



    Well produced fluff.
    By actual-person4 years ago
    Alex Basa
    I understand the importance for religion in most people. I have no problem with religious people. However, I do have a problem with fallacy-ridden assertions that anything good that happens to you is an act of god or a result of prayer. This is such a first-world outlook. Pray to end hunger. Pray to end disease. Pray to end racism, war, and hate. It will do you no good.
    So I refuse to believe that praying for a job or opportunity and then seeing it come to fruition is evidence for a god. It's simply fallacious, and ignores the opposite turnout. A 10% success rate is still a 90% failure rate. Videos like this should acknowledge that.
    By Alex Basa4 years ago
    So basically.... I pray and then when things that were going to happen ANYWAY happen I get to blame it on God now? Jeeee thank you God! Thanks for nothing. There may be a "God" or "Creator" but the bible is bullshit and so is all the death that came with it! You people fail to see what early Christians did to make that book famous.
    By Arcknagar5 years ago