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    WOLFMAN PREVIEW: Exclusive Clips and Interviews

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    By rapppy6 years ago
    Anthony Pilone
    I have been waiting for this movie for a long while ever since they showed the first trailer on youtube during September, I think. I mean to have a remake of a classic movie like this, it's real exiting! And to have Rick Baker( the make-up artist who helped John Landis make the all-time classic comdey/horror film, "An American werewolf in London") involved, I know it's gonna be great!! Lon Chaney Jr. was so passionate about the role in the original, David Naughton was awsome in "An American werewolf in London", which was a contemperery version of the original film. And NOW, it's Benicio Del Toro's turn to play our modern-day Larry Talbot, in a classic horror tale - THE WOLFMAN! God, I can't wait!!!
    By Anthony Pilone6 years ago