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    Meet Spikey! A SiampediaVISION video

    HINIGUGMA Schneidewind

    โดย HINIGUGMA Schneidewind

    146 จำนวนการรับชม
    Spikey was the name, we gave to a Spiny turtle in Malaysia on a recent field trip for SIAMPEDIA, the free nature loving report site on the web. Spikey was trapped on the tarmac on a single lane rainforest road in some undisclosed location. He must have tumbled from the 2m (7’ feet) high, near vertical embankment. The trapped animal was prone to be squashed or hurt by the passing traffic. We want to prevent leaking a geo-positioning to commercial collectors of these rare and endangered species. Spiny turtles are considered a delicacy by ethnic Chinese gourmets and also traded for their high collector’s value. Spikey's species (lat.:Heosemys spinosa) didn't survive that long, to become an extinct species by recent human generations. Building roads (long traps) across their habitat, without leaving a chance to escape! Spikey may now survive the cooking pot and one day, we may be able to show this unique species to our own offspring in nature. Biodiversity is Life!