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    Nokia N900: Mini Computer with Phone App


    by WebProNews

    Nokia, the world’s leading maker of mobile devices, has a new product that a lot of people are talking about. WebProNews got a first hand look at the powerful device at CES 2010.

    According to the Nokia representative we spoke with, the Maemo-powered N900 is “like a mini computer with a phone application.” The Linux-based Maemo platform allows users to complete multiple online tasks on the small handheld device.

    Specific features of the N900 include:

    - 32GB of internal storage
    - 3.5-inch touchscreen
    - Full QWERTY keyboard
    - 5-megapixel camera
    - Carl Zeiss optics
    - Dual LED flash
    - Ovi services

    In addition, the home screen can be customized with up to 4 different viewing options. Also, the device has a stand that allows it to be put on a table or counter for easy viewing.

    Nokia’s N900 is currently available for $569. It comes unlocked and can be used with any GSM carrier. For more information on this device, visit