GymABstics Home Fitness Program DVDs– What You Get


by americangymnast

163 views The GymABstics Fitness Training Program is a full-body fitness program that is based upon the sport of gymnastics. Former elite gymnasts Andy and Jay Thornton will guide you through the unique and powerful exercises that gymnasts use to develop the upper body, lower body, and in particular the abs – all without the need of any weights or equipment. Complete with flexibility, nutritional guidance, and three-minute “six-pack workouts,” GymABstics is one of the most innovative and comprehensive programs in the world. Begin your quest to develop the body of a gymnast today! The entire GymABstics Fitness Training Program includes the following: DVD 1 – Building a Foundation DVD 2 – Body Booster DVD 3 – Fat Burning DVD 4 – Strength and Power DVD 5 – The Sculpting Stage DVD 6 – The Synthesis Each DVD includes 4 videos: Warmup Workout Warm-Down 6-Pack Ab Burner After your order has been processed, a PDF file for each DVD you purchase is available for download. Each PDF file includes: Training Tracker Progress Chart Nutritional Information Favorite Recipes Practical Nutrition Tips Motivational Messages from the Creators “Box of Gymnastics Secrets” Plus, you also get the MP3 audio files available for download for each of the 4 videos included on each DVD. To order the GymABstics Program, go to