Conversation with Carel Pedre

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In the immediate hours following the Jan. 12 earthquake, TV/radio host Carel Pedre was one of the few media voices coming out of Haiti. After telling his story to more than a half dozen international media outlets, he sits down with OpaTV to talk about the quake, the solidarity of the Haitian people, his his disappointment, his frustration and how he plans to help with recovery.

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We had family members in Port Au Prince during the earthquake & we were so nervous the first few days! Carel Pedre was very resourceful in using his cell phone, his twitter & being persistent to gain access to CNN reporters so he could let the world know what was going on there. He was the only source of pictures and news for us for a while, at a time when we really needed to hear specifics. Now he is making a difference again with the rebuilding of Haiti through his organization "The New Haiti Project" Thank you Carel! (Google it - you'll see what a fantastic thing it is!) & this site's stars did not work! I clicked 5!! It's really that good!
By Ladybugwriter 5 years ago