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    Passionate about Tea


    by NTDTelevision

    People in the Czech Republic are well known for savoring fine teas. Perhaps nowhere else in the world can one find as many tearooms in such a small area.

    We visited the “Ve Věži” (meaning “In a Tower”) tearoom in Prague. To arrive at our destination, we had to climb a lot of stairs inside the old water tower.

    [Jan Chalupa, Tea Room Manager]:
    “The first time I saw this place I said to myself, ‘It would be amazing to have a tearoom here.’”

    The tearoom looks much like an apartment or flat with an atmosphere of dim lighting and pleasant music.

    [Jan Chalupa, Tea Room Manager]:
    “People are going to relax, they lay off from the chaos of the metropolis, they can have a break in here.”

    We wondered why there are so many tearooms in the Czech Republic.

    [Jan Chalupa, Tea Room Manager]:
    “People want something new. And after the first tearooms were set in, people were so enthusiastic, that everybody wanted to have it. It's something what are people interested in.”

    And why, we asked, do people find this place so attractive?

    [Karolina Krelinova, Tea Room Visitor]:
    “I feel relaxed, I drink a good tea. It’s kind of a spiritual place. You can talk about everything in here, you can stay as long as you wish.”

    [Jan Chalupa, Tea Room Manager]:
    “From time to time we have some cultural events in here and it is like a cornerstone which provides the opportunity for people to get closer to each other.
    For example, we have mantra singing today.”