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    San Berdino_Frank Zappa and Baby Snakes


    by Calle

    She lives in Mojave in a Winnebago
    His name is Bobby, he looks like a potato

    She's in love with a boy
    From the rodeo
    Who pulls the rope on the chute
    When they let those suckers go

    He's a slobberin' drunk at the Palomino
    They give him thirty days in San Ber'dino

    Well there's forty-four men
    Stashed away in tank "C"
    An' there's only one shower
    But it don't apply to Bobby

    You may think they're
    Dumb an' lonely
    But you're wrong
    'Cause their love is strong
    Stacked-up hair
    An' a cheap little ring
    They don't care
    'Cause it don't mean a thing

    Looka there...
    They don't care

    Best-est way that
    They can feel-o
    Out on the highway
    Rollin' a wheel-o
    He's her Tootsie
    She's for real-o
    Trailer park heaven
    It's a real good deal-o
    Real good deal-o
    Real good deal-o
    Real good deal-o