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    Mobile Tips: Protect Your Screen with Zag's Invisible Shield


    by BestBuyTipsAndTricks

    The Best Buy Mobile team describes how you can protect the screen of your mobile device with the new Zag invisible shield. He demonstrates the product by scratching a key to the face of his phone and touts the lifetime warranty Zag offers on the invisible shield.

    Alex: I’m Alex Ionta, from Best Buy Mobile from Cleveland, Ohio and I’m here to tell you about a great way to protect your mobile phone. It’s called new invisible shield from Zag. It’s a scratchproof screen protector, so in case anything were to happen while your phone is in your pocket or your purse it can’t get scratched. I’m going to show you how it works, a standard key, I can sit here all day and scratch my phone and it will never get scratched on this screen. If it were to get scratched, Zag is a lifetime warranty and will replace your shield absolutely for free. And if you need help installing your shield, stop into
    Best Buy Mobile and we’ll install it for you.