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    The Inner and Outer Life


    by XGChannel

    I've realized that theres a difference between my ability to feel, my ability to express my feelings, and my ability to let go. I know there are many painful emotions I learned to suppress when I was young, particularly anger or sadness. Other emotions might be difficult to feel because they are connected to past pain.

    Yet theres no letting go, no moving on, until I stop trying to avoid feelings such as sorrow, anger, rage or despair. I have found the way to begin working through difficult feelings is to reach out to people with a call, email or blog ... mmm other ways I have found to help are writing (blogging), having a good cry, or taking a couple of days alone, just to think.

    The release that will come as a result of expressing our feelings will help to ease the pain. Its not realistic to release all of the pain from our past all at once, but we can begin by letting go of a little piece today.