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    Washable Electronics from Seal Shield


    by WebProNews

    How would you like to wash your keyboard? Although it sounds a bit absurd, it is possible, thanks to Seal Shield. The company produces a line of dishwasher safe products consisting of keyboards, mice, and remote controls.

    The company came from the medical industry and wanted to create a product line that would prevent the spread of bacteria and infections. According to Seal Shield, around 90,000 people die every year in the U.S. as a result of transmitted bacteria and infections.

    With Seal Shield’s products, consumers are able to put the devices in the dishwasher, soapy water, and more to ensure that they are disinfected often. Most of the company’s products include its Silver Seal protection, which is an antimicrobial protection that helps prevent microbial growth and other bacteria.

    With the one exception of the ability to be submerged in water, the keyboards, mice, and remote controls look and feel just like normal ones would. Incidentally, the company also revealed a