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    NASA Responds To Axing of Lunar Program


    by NTDTelevision

    NASA's chief administrator Charles Bolden expressed his discontent over the new budget at a news conference on Tuesday in Washington D.C. The Constellation program, begun under former President George W. Bush, is being cut.

    [Charles Bolden, Chief Administrator, NASA]:
    "… To people who are working on these programs, this is like a death in the family so everybody needs to understand that and we've got to give them time to grieve and then we've got to give them time to recover."

    President Obama's budget gives NASA a 6 billion dollar five-year boost, but aborts the lunar program and also turns over space transportation to commercial companies.

    NASA has spent $9 billion on Constellation and will likely owe millions more to cancel existing contracts.

    The budget proposes a revamp of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, as part of making NASA more efficient.

    The space agency's budget would grow to $19 billion in 2011 under the proposed budget, with an emphasis on science and less spent on space exploration.