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    Concorde Crash Trial Begins


    by NTDTelevision

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    A decade after the world's only supersonic airliner crashed in flames just outside Paris airport, Continental Airlines and five individuals are set to go on trial over the tragedy.

    Concorde crashed minutes after take-off leaving 113 people dead.

    Now this court in Pontoise will decide if the accused are guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

    Polish relatives of two victims of the crash attended the trial .

    As lawyers and victims families gathered at the court, a new animated graphic was released to show how the crash is believed to have happened, according to the prosecution.

    It shows a titanium strip on the runway which is alleged to have been shed by a Continental Airlines aircraft.

    The wheels of concorde run over the strip as it takes off and the tyre bursts

    Rubber from the burst tyre hits the fuel tank causing leak and the escaping fuel ignites by the exhaust leading to a crash

    This makes the basis for the prosecution case - that debris from another aircraft on the runway was the cause of the disaster.

    A lawyer for Air France who owned Concorde have not been blamed for the crash and are appearing in court as witnesses.

    [Fernand Garnault, Air France Lawyer]:
    "It is clear from the reports that have been submitted by the BEA (air crash investigators), by the investigating magistrates, that Air France is absolutely not to blame in this matter. The investigating magistrate has understood this and that's why Air France is not on trial today.

    But five individuals are on trial and they are former maintenance, design and civil aviation staff accused of knowing of the vulnerability in the tanks of the supersonic airliner and not doing enough to correct it.