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    Chinese Artists Promote Calligraphy and Paintings


    by NTDTelevision

    Members of Jakarta’s Chinese community say that it is time to revive the traditional Chinese culture of calligraphy and painting.

    Although Chinese culture has not been well preserved in the past in Indonesia and was suppressed during the dark years of dictator Soeharto’s regime, it has become more and more accepted by Indonesians.

    Set to open this month, the Community of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting will host an exhibition in one of Jakarta’s largest shopping centers. The exhibition of 330 masterpieces includes 137 works of calligraphy, 93 water paintings, and 100 oil paintings. The art has all been produced by four teachers and their 22 students in the community.

    During the exhibition, the artists will show visitors how to write calligraphy.

    The exhibition is intended to instill a sense of pride in those Indonesians who have Chinese ancestry.

    [Hariati Tjokro, Organizer]:
    “Our purpose in holding this is to promote confidence in our members, so there are no professional painters or other calligraphy groups here today. Every participant is a member. I hope this exhibition will give them more confidence in their hearts so they can move forward in the future, have more confidence, and so that Chinese calligraphy and paintings will develop as a whole.”

    Indonesia is home to the largest number of Chinese descendants outside of China, making up about 3% of Indonesia's population.

    NTD News, Jakarta, Indonesia.