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    Sunshine Coast Ginger Factory shares benefits of ginger


    by NTDTelevision

    The quiet township of Yandina on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, comes alive in January, as thousands flock to the four-day annual Ginger Flower and Food Festival.

    Celebrating its 15th year, the festival offers gardening tips, cooking advice and a variety of different foods made with ginger.

    [Paul Ritchie, General Manager, Buderim Ginger Limited]:
    “We take about half of Australia’s ginger crop and that comprises about 4,000 tons of ginger.”

    For over 5000 years ginger has been considered the universal medicine by the people of China and India.

    [Christine Houghton, Managing Director, Cell-Logic]:
    “It’s really exciting now that we are starting to look at the scientific aspects of ginger.”

    It’s health benefits are still being discovered by health professionals around the world.

    [Christine Houghton, Managing Director, Cell-Logic]:
    “Now there’s an opportunity to use ginger in medicines, natural medicines for joint inflammation, arthritis, muscle aches and pains and rheumatism.”

    With colorful plant displays, traditional Australian stores, and huge range of ginger products, there’s a lot to take in.

    [Paul Ritchie, General Manager, Buderim Ginger Limited]:
    “Australians actually consume a lot of fresh ginger. We are one of the largest consumers of fresh ginger around the world.”

    For those that enjoy their dessert.

    [Keera Hopper, Festival Patron]:
    “And the ice-cream is fantastic too. Ginger and cinnamon, the best flavour.”

    [Finn (7 years) and Thomas (9 years)]:
    “A wonderful day.” “Yeah, it was great.”

    The Ginger Flower and Food Festival continues to blossom, and when it’s all wrapped up for another year, the quiet way of life in Yandina remains.

    Robert Apicella, NTD Sunshine Coast, Australia