2010-02-07 yourdailyjingle presents: Jenni with an "i"

Brian King
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Jenni "with an 'I'" Rowe is celebrating her 21st birthday today. Happy birthday, girl! As you can tell from the song, she's a pretty fun-loving gal. A few bonus tidbits about her that you didn't get from the song: she's studying hotel management at UNLV, she's half-Japanese, and I THINK she's a really amazing cook, though I'm not 100% sure. If you can confirm or deny this fact, please let me know. One last point for all the fellas - she's single :-) Lyrics Jenni with an "I" Happy birthday Jenni, you're turning 21 Today's your special day, let's do something fun Let's list all your favorite things to help you choose Let's do them all girl, you just can't lose We could tie dye your entire outfit Or just sit at home eating chocolate We could go to that Starbucks that isn't very far And crank up the tunes and sing in the iCar We could look at all the hotels while driving down the strip Or take you to that classy bar for your first boozy sip We'll stay away from milk, since you two have a history Why your sister did that to you will always be a mystery We could have breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner, And if we played some karaoke hero, I know you'll be the winner Whatever makes you happy, whatever makes you smile Let's do every single thing one million things an hour