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    Will Osborne & His Orchestra - Outside Of You


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    Canadian-born Osborne started his bandleading career in 1924 and began to receive national recognition on network radio in 1929 when he took over for Rudy Vallee at New York's Heigh-Ho Club when Vallee left for Hollywood to star in the film The Vagabond Lover. Osborne retired from bandleading in 1957 and became the entertainment director at Harvey's Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The Osborne band had a rather nice "big band" sound which was combined with stylistic trombone effects that Osborne called "slide music" Indeed, on the radio, people were invited to listen "to the glissin' of the slide trombone," which gave his band its distinctive style. In fact, in 1935 his six-man brass section employed three (slide) trombones and three (slide) cornets. Starting out as a drummer, Osborne had also become known for his singing, drawing in the late 1920s some comparisons with Rudy Vallée. This lovely record was made in 1935. Vocal by Osborne himself.