EUROPINION - What About Sweden's Record Breaking Shopping

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And finally today in our EUROPINION segment, the Swedish Retail Institute estimated holiday shopping increased by 3% this year, despite the financial crisis. Our Correspondents in Stockholm asking locals what they think about their record breaking shopping.

[Magnus Lindqvist]:
"Despite these bad times in most of the world, people would still like to have some fun in all this darkness. I probably spent a little more than usual, yes. I had quite a good year last year, so I haven't really been affected by the crisis yet."

[Josefin Boström]:
"It is good for the economy that it is continuing, but at the same time, it is insane that shopping is so high, because I think that it would be better for the environment among other things, if we stopped shopping. I'm completely against this consumption society, and it seems to be going on and on strong, and that's strange. I think that we are trying to fill in a large hole in our souls. I think so, it is like something is wrong, and we are trying to find something else to replace it with. And then we buy new shoes, because we feel better when buying them."

[Björn Fredriksson]:
"Two thirds of the population are more affluent, with more money. One third maybe has less money, but two thirds have more money to move around with, so as long you have a job, you can shop."

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