Musical Tribute to Postman Pat - Side One

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Open your ears everyone! This is a special audio cassette from the makers of the original Postman Pat ! It includes an extended version of the main theme which many children would enjoy re-wording!

In retaliation or for the sake of nostalgia, here is some of the more original music. This was made with some real instruments, time signatures and emotions! Not made for the kids of today with short attention spans. They won't all fit into 10 minutes so I have shortened them but you'll get the general feel of them.

Please comment here if you prefer the old, original, Postman Pat brand.

Side One:
1. Postman Pat
2. Jess the Cat
3. Walking in Greendale
4. Mobile Shop
5. Reverend Timms
6. Travelling Music

1 comment

I used to listen to this tape in the car as kid as my Dad drove me to nursery; must have driven him round the bend. Thanks for the nostalgia!
By weinitzmctolley 2 years ago