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    Homeless Haitians Struggle to Survive


    by NTDTelevision

    And still continuing our coverage of Haiti............Almost three and a quarter-million homeless quake victims are struggling to survive in the shattered capital of Port-au-Prince.

    Morning at the tent city in Cite Soleil Haiti.

    After fleeing their crumbled homes, victims of Haiti's January 12th earthquake have built up makeshift shelters out of whatever they can find.

    More than three weeks after the quake, the homeless continue to struggle, living in squalid survivors' camps with no running water or electricity...depending on aid to survive.

    Juliana Jean Francois

    [Juliana Jean Francois]:
    "Rescue us, rescue us! Those governments that want to give us help, please hurry. We don't have homes or food, we don't have anything. We are living in the plaza of Cite Soleil."

    As Haiti and its international aid partners urgently debate how and where to shelter survivors -- the recovery work goes ahead.

    Coming seasonal rains threaten to pile further misery on more than 700,000 homeless quake victims camped out in the shattered capital of Port-au-Prince.

    The Haitian government has appealed for aid groups to provide at least 200,000 tents to house the homeless.

    From the early days of the disaster, there has been talk of building more orderly and cleaner survivors' camp, but so far none have appeared and the government has no set date for them to be completed.