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    Mavado - Starlight [Dancehall]


    by Reggaefusion

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    Mavado - Starlight [Dancehall] 2009/2010 Mavado's song entitled "Starlight". FOR PROMO... DI GENIUS Prod. LYRICS (INTRO) From nuttin to something, yeh. Its Okay, Its alright! From nothing to something, fight the fight! Noooo! We shining like a light! yeaaay. (CHORUS) Starlight! Shining like a starlight!, yeaaaayyy. Starlight! Shining like a starlight!, yeaaaayyy. (VERSE ONE) Mi nuh do no more robberies, mi live at ease. Mi bun these weed leaves from these trees. Tattoos pon mi dirty Tees, mi name bring di breeze. Violence mi cease. Moschino, Divi jeans, and all dese Timbos, I just got to have these. Guns, money, girls like these, house rent out im collecting fees. A couple more hit song yes I'll be in di breeze. mi have mi ownah tailor, mi ownah sailor, suppose mi wah fi mek a trip go cross Strailer, cruise di highway inna my Lexxus trailer, money fi mi moddah cause mi anuh failer, no time fi slackness mi anuh jailer, cry inna mi music cause mon ah Wailer, money fi Dante and Aneilia. (CHORUS) Live the starlife, so were shining like a starlight! yeaaay. Starlight, its nice to live the star life yeaaaay. (VERSE TWO) Somebody tell me, becuase I just can't get this right. Somebody tell me, why di Gully and di Gaza fight. Somebody tell me, why di leaders ain't acting right. Somebody tell me, we should all have a plan fi unite. Di children ah di future! But ah bare gun ah bust, things ah get contangurous, we need to be dem tutor, before more ah dem bite di dust, lets set things fabulous. (CHORUS) And live, di starlife, Shining like a starlight!yeaaayyy. Starlight! Ghetto yute were like a starlight! yeaaaayy. Shine bright, just like di starlight, yaaay. no more fuss and fight, let us all unite, save di day and di night. (OUTRO) Yeaay-ehh-eh, Stephen, Genius. Noooooo, nooooo (dem ah wonder), noooo (dem ah wonder) nooooo, yeeeay. Stephen, starlight, Big Ship live di starlife! Gullyyyyyyyy! Alliance fi life, Stephen, you know mi style, lets move to someting else, heheh.